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Who Is Babe Haven?

wife. mother. friend. doula. supporter. comforter. space-holder.

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Meet Madison

My name is Madison Beckett, I'm a wife, a mother of four beautiful children, and we live on a homestead, in a cozy little corner of south Fayetteville.

In my free time, I love to go on walks, go to concerts, or go on fun adventures with my family! You might also catch me thrifting, reading, or crocheting!

I have two girls and two boys. I've had one spontaneous labor, two induced with an epidural, and one induced without an epidural. I'm well educated with gestational diabetes due to having it with 3/4 of my pregnancies. I'm also a breastfeeding veteran with 5 years total under my belt!


Whether you’re giving birth for the first, second, or tenth time, it’ll no doubt be one of the best days of your life, but you’ll soon learn that birth and parenting comes without a guide. It isn’t called labor for no reason, it’s truly hard work!
Learning how to care for this fragile new soul, while trying to adjust to life’s abrupt change can be very overwhelming. As a mother of four, I wish I had known about labor and postpartum doulas sooner! They’re like walking parental guides that help make the transition into parenthood so much smoother and blissful!
As your labor doula, I will create an oasis in your birthing environment, whether you choose to birth at home, in a hospital, or birth center. Ultimately, birth can be very unpredictable, and your “birth vision” can change very quickly. I will be there to help quickly educate you of your options and encourage you to advocate for yourself in any changes you wish to make. When in the midst of your strongest contractions I will offer pain management techniques if an unmedicated birth is what you desire to have. If you decide you want the epidural, I will hold your hand and provide acupressure, massage, position adjustments, and ultimate support and a calm, nurturing environment!
Partners are also going through a transitional time in life, so having mom completely cared for by a doula can free some stress, making it easier for the partner to relax, resulting in better support for mom all around!

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